A brief insight: how communication works

Normally companies/institutions have a list of e-mail contacts (press list) to which they send news/press releases/newsletter. Usually it is quite easy to be added to a newsletter. Often you can do it through an automatic form on their website, otherwise you can email their communication office. Their press releases are nearly always formatted in the same way, they present the same logos and structure, and they are sent from the email address.
Press agencies are distributing news to all the media of their country/region. Whatever comes out from them is perceived as truth from journalists. So if you manage to fool one of them, you will likely manage to fool all the newspapers.
The psychology of journalists is an aspect to think about. They often don’t check so much the truth of information if they believe the source. If they receive a release they may check the website which is linked, call the numbers which are reported, contact other actors which are supposed to know something about the news.

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