Fake is power! Let’s experiment the prankster tactic!

What we are talking about are direct actions aimed at diffusing false information or creating confusion, in order to cause economical or political damage, or to overcome problems capitalism pose to our daily life. This relates to communication guerrilla and hacking activism, but it involves some peculiar features that is worth to explore.
We think that a mix of some basic informatics tools, a mimic of the enemy’s communication strategies and some information gathering, can produce very interesting and effective tactics, that are often easy to experiment with.
This site have been created for sharing knowledge and fostering experimentation in this field.

We believe the use of fake may empower us in our political struggles (using it for damaging a company for instance) or in our daily problems (create false pieces of information for overcoming bureaucratic problem, getting a rent contract or a loan)

The site include: an updated list of inspiring political actions that used the power of fake, some theoretical texts, some practical tips.

But the website want to be over all a forum of discussion and sharing for diffusing and enhancing these practices, overcoming technical and other problems, giving tips and ideas, brainstorming for new utilizations. The experimentation is this field has just begun, so the contribution of everyone is needed.
The tips we give are not state-of-the-art, so please contact us if you find some errors or things to improve in our clumsy tutorials.

The language of the blog is English, but you are welcome to contribute and comment in whatever language you feel comfortable with.

We would recommend you, if you feel like contributing, to protect yourself using Tor


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